Le monde, le diable et la chair

Year 1991
Category Telluric chanting concert
Work Le monde, le diable et la chair
Premier Bayonne, France

Little by little, what was to become the beginning of a dramaturgy began to emerge. That Serpent that had arisen from the bowels of the earth after its lethargy, longed for the encounter with its antithetical complement. The Serpent longed to merge with the energies of the lotus flower. Aware or unaware that only in this way could it beget the Prince, the Prince of the senses.

The Serpent had emerged from the earth and began its journey to the abode of the Water Lily Flower. But it would not be without difficulty. It would have to bear the burden of passing through three different stages.

The first of these was to be his encounter with the World. That the World that offered tinsel and vanities in exchange for seduction, in exchange for the absence and confusion of the spirit. That World that tempts so many and from whose nets so few, once trapped, manage to escape.

The spirit of the Serpent had little fear of the ambagements and beads of the World, for it was on its way to a greater destiny. Reconfirmed in the strength of his entity, the Serpent continues on her way. Here she should meet someone with whom she had curiously often been associated, someone who was not entirely foreign to her: the Devil.

She knew how to show the Devil that she knew where his heart beat, she knew how to show him that before repudiating him, she knew how to love in him the fallen angel who had had the courage to rebel before the eyes that were called holders of good or virtue. He had been able to understand the androgyny of all apparent phenomena, that light could not exist without darkness, that Good and Evil are and need each other to affirm their existence. Nevertheless, she was able to show the demon that she knew the way beyond Good and Evil. With this, she gained his trust and respect.

Before taking leave of her the Demon said to her, “You have known how to conquer the Love of the World, you have known how to conquer the love of the Demon, but be on your guard Serpent, for to the Flesh I lead you.” Cautious of the Demon’s warning, the Serpent continued on its way, aware that any carelessness could ruin its journey.

This was the encounter with the reproductive yearning, a force immensely superior to the wills and designs of the subject. The Flesh enraptures, possesses and subjugates No one is immune to its spells, only the wise know how to enter it without succumbing and transmitting their surrender in light.

This third stage, which apparently presented no obstacle, was the one that the Serpent crossed most dangerously, because it could have confused the desire with what it found, the path with what it leads to. Yes, the Serpent surrendered, succumbed, bathed in desire and only at the end could she obtain as a reward the feeling of her body transmuted into light.

This was already the luminous Serpent, the one that had transmuted the Flesh into light, the desire into love, the act of fusion into supreme verb. Now the Serpent was ready to approach the vicinity of the abode of the Water Lily.

At the end of 1991, the whole of Catalonia was already proud of the preparations and the upcoming celebration of the Olympic Games. We were preparing to present the first result of our experience at the Bayonne Festival in the French Basque Country with the title LE MONDE, LE DIABLE ET LA CHAIR.

Maria de Marias embodied the World, Manu Lagarda, the Demon and Mandi, the Flesh.

The nudity of body and soul throughout the show did not raise any allusive comment at the premiere in France, but not so at the Festival of Murcia where we had a picket of extreme right at the doors of the church (deconsecrated) where we had presented the work, and that’s why we had to escape running through the door of the sacristy.

I was sorry to return to Barcelona when I realized how much this country needed to transcend the conceptual dogmatism of what things are and what they mean. As Joan Brossa used to say “És nadant contra corrent que es fan muscles”.


Buried monologue of Snake’s soul

Like an erect phallus
by the vagina embraced,
my thoughts wrapped
wrapped in my thoughts
and in my earth buried

here space and unity
are one and the same thing
From the depths of my unmanifested self
the two sexes united are
Omnipotent abandonment,
do not leave me in my journey and in my seeking

Serpent soul’s farewell dialogue with Earth

Serpent:– The fibers of my body yearn for awakening
I will abandon you, benefactress without gesture,
warm and tender bottom of the earth

Earth: – Serpent, you who perceive the caresses of us,
you can enjoy the dark gaze
that in your being illuminates everything,
conscience of the depths.
Distant before good and evil,
you will be feared and persecuted
Whoever sits close to you,
close to us, the earth, shall be…

Serpent: – The air will cover one side of my body
The other, always close to you, earth,
Throughout the world you will see
Not even in my happiest moment
Nothing of you shall I forget
Earth: Go now and cross the bridge
that will take you back to us again

Dialogue of Serpent’s soul with the World

Earth: – O, your infirme constancy that in love is sought
Serpent: – Whence come you who in my spirit sail?
World – It’s me , the World, bliss and wealth, admired and envied
With me you will enjoy the exquisite
Serpent:– Not from that dreaming is nourished
who rests his body on earth
World: – You are emotion and thought
Your gaze immobilizes appearance
Let me caress you
Serpent: – Asperas become rough on my skin
the numbing caresses,
vanities of this world
World: – Away from the incautious one who walks close to himself
Serpent: – Far away from me you will lose the look
that of the illusion that took you to the summit
the root knows
World: – You know that in me the world is a passing
and that I aspire to better worlds
We are the seed of new worlds
and fruit of the past
In you, serpent, our world
with the primordial waters will merg
and therefore, sweet guide in me you will have

Demon’s premonition

Serpent: My entrails merge with the earth
Bathed in the firm uncertainty
of one who does not know
Because full of love
does not separate from itself
From that dark common bottom
I receive you

Dialogue of Serpent’s soul with the Devil

Serpent: – Demon, rebellious defender of the forces of the earth
misunderstood and persecuted guardian
of the deepest emotion
You do not come against me
that you are close to me
Demon – Serpent that from my very earth you emerge,
few like you understand my pain
Serpent: – Who in you wisdom does not intuit
as the evil of himself sees thee
Demon: – Neither good nor evil I live
In the darkness I find my light
In the warmth and silence of the earth
my feeling
Serpent: – You who beneath our feet
You draw the roots of our reason,
come to me beloved devil
Demon: – You have known how to understand the love of the world
Thou have known how to understand the love of the demon
But be on your guard, serpent
I lead you to the flesh


Dialogue of the Serpent with the Flesh

Serpent:– irrepressible flesh
that to the self, in its most intimate place,
you reach
In you, disunited spirit,
on horses of love rides

Flesh:– In you, solid limb
and in your gaze, love
White nectar will find in it its light


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