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Albert Vidal Paz is, undoubtedly, one of the great masters of the art of voice and movement. In Spain he is recognized as being one of the true greats of theatre and in Europe, in the early 90s, he was already presented by the London Institute of Contemporary Arts, as the Grand Master of European Performing Arts amid unanimous critical acclaim.

His work is the result of a consistent line of interpretation inherited from three contemporary masters: Jacques Lecoq, Dario Fo and Kazuo Ono.

A multifaceted creator, throughout his career he has produced over 65 works: visual theatre, performances in art galleries, short films, videos, photographs, concerts etc. Many of his works have been presented at the most important festivals in Europe, Central America, USA, Canada and Japan.

On stage he has worked as an actor in french for the Théâtre National Populaire under the direction of David Esrig, in italian as a regular actor of Dario Fo’s company in Milan and also with Doufexis Estabros for the Stadt Theater Bielefeld in Germany. He has also collaborated with Min Tanaka´s Mai Juku Company at the Plan B space in Tokyo.

In movies, he has participated in over twenty films as well as several television productions. He studied Topeng dance techniques in Bali, Butoh dance in Japan and Bori possession in Niger. He has also recorded the first telluric chanting in India, in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and in Mongolia.

After 50 years at the spearhead of the vanguard, Albert Vidal continues his tireless research work through his Laboratory of Telluric Art, a genre created by him in the early 90s.