The Pyrenees

After having been immersed for 5 years in Mongolian lands recording telluric songs and living with the last shamans of the Altai Mountains, I was already in the Pyrenees finalizing the staging of the character The Prince. The fascination with the world of masks led me to release these objective expressions that have always seduced me, photographed by my friend and collaborator Maria Escobedo.



On images, captured from a video of Human Human filmed by María Escobedo, Oriol Vilaseca proceeded to digitize the images to obtain these Black Buddhas or deities of darkness.



Back from Bali to settle permanently in Barcelona, the photographer Joaquin Muntaner called me for a photo shoot, which would play with the contrast of the presence and poses of a model with popular masks of the Topeng theater of Bali and plays of expression with these same masks.


Bali, Indonesia

When I met Topeng’s great dancer, Master Gunka Gunka, I told him that I had been fascinated by the art he practiced and that I would feel very honored to be able to receive some teachings from him to guide me in the mask wearing art. Little by little the oriental philosophy and culture would gradually become part of my creative process.

On photographs of my brother Victor Vidal then resident in Bali, Oriol Vilaseca has created the following photo montage