Cant tel.lúric als esperits de la muntanya

Year 1990
Category Performance
Work Cant tel.lúric als esperits de la muntanya
Presentation Vallvidrera tunnel. Barcelona

Those were the times in 1990, when they were drilling through the bowels of the Tibidabo mountain to cross it in what would later become the Vallvidrera Tunnel.

The mountain was drilled from both sides at the same time. Just when there were about fifty meters left to complete the opening, I was asked to do a performance there. Of course I was delighted to accept: the proposal was in line with my own and the mountain’s situation. It was necessary to make, I told myself, a song of atonement to the spirit of the Tibidabo mountain and at least to show it that one was aware of the intrusion from the telluric point of view. That’s how dmearing my body with mud, grey blood of the mountain I transformed the pain she felt into a human cry.


Due to the conditions at the time, it was only accessible by special vehicles. For security reasons, access was restricted to the media only in order to document and circulate the event.

The telluric shaman had been born from the earth and had celebrated propitiatory rituals in great constructions, hence these performances were named INDUSTRIAL SHAMANISM.


Más allá de la seducción,
el corazón y la voz del oficiante
entregarán como ofrenda,
en transmisión primordial,
a las energías centrales que rigen
el destino de nuestra particularidad

La profundidad de nuestra memoria, comprende
una expansión igual
a lo lejos de nuestra mirada,
así disfrutaremos mejor de nuestro cotidiano
sin separarnos del conocimiento

Nuestra actitud
no confundirá las formas del ser,
viviremos así un nuevo avance
de civilización,
de infinitas crisálidas
de las que nacerán nuevos puntos
de luz y de razón

El poliedro de la reflexión liberará
infinitas sonrisas
una nueva irradiación humana
de desprendimiento y amor


Creation and direction Albert Vidal
Singing Albert Vidal
Scenography Tito
Body paint Chass Llach
Sound José María Méndez
Production manager Glória Serratosa
councilor Pilar Tomàs
Video Ramiro Aurín


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