The awakening of the snake


The awakening of the snake

The recordings made with Xavier Jaumot, in a cabin in the middle of a forest in the foothills of the Pyrenees, were a 3 year long experience involving intermittent trips from Barcelona to an almost monastic retreat. This total isolation allowed us to delve into the lethargy of the snake and its slow awakening.

Late into the night, Xavier and I, using keyboards and our voices, summoned the spirit, the emotions and the sensations of this sacred animal, the guardian of the most profound feelings from the heart of the earth. Sometimes, after chanting we would get up, hug each other and greet a non-existent audience that would have attended our soul emptying ceremonies.

In each chant, the images and profound poetic meaning are expressed through energetic fluctuations of the vowel sounds without fully pronouncing the words. In this way, the hidden message of the buried snake’s monologue is revealed.

Let’s celebrate that these valuable testimonies that were the basis and foundation of telluric music will finally see the light of day.

Chant 1. I remain serene

I remain serene
Wrapped in my thoughts and buried in my earth
Here space and unity are one and the same thing

Chant 2. Almighty abandonment

Almighty abandonment
Do not leave me in my journey and my search

Chant 3. The awakening

The fibres of my body crave the awakening
I will forsake you, faceless benefactress,
Warm and tender bottom of the earth

Chant 4. I will forget nothing about you

The air will cover one side of my body,
The other one, always close to you, earth,
Through the world you will see, even in the happiest of my time
I will forget nothing about you

Chant 5. The bridge

Go and cross the bridge
That will take you once again to us