El despertar de la serp

Year 2001
Category Telluric chanting concert
Work El despertar de la serp
Presentation Sala Bac Art. Roda de Ter

The concert consists of three very different songs of the first part of the Prince’s Advent Myth which I wrote in the early 90’s.

It tells the story of a snake that knows from his deep lethargy, his awakening will be the last pilgrimage that will lead him to the maximum sacrifice, the renunciation of his own life. Thus the flower of the water lily, the object of its love, will subtly absorb the energies of its material body, thus nourishing its essence.

His journey will be long and full of obstacles and he will have to confront the world, the devil and finally the flesh. His enormous inner strength will lead him to overcome all the ignorances that could confuse him with the vital energy that his knowledge gives him.

But the ego has always been the great enemy of true knowledge. Only, the time, perseverance, and patience will come to help him. Finally reaching the divine flower, makes a beautiful song before entering the omnipotent abandonment, sublime delivery. The Prince will be born of the serpent and the water lily.

The Prince is born of a new state of consciousness which is latent in every human being, this silent humanity continues to be interrogated with wet eyes, soaked with emptiness. Again the false idols will fall, again we may think that it is very beautiful, simply to be a person.


Director and author Albert Vidal
Telluric chanting Albert Vidal
Synthesizer Sabo Namar
DJs Ritxi Diéguez
Percussion Jordi Rallo
Faquir Kirman


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