The worshipper

Year 1995
Category Performance
Work The worshipper
Presentation Institute of Contemporary arts (ICA) London

The Worshipper: Ritual of initiation to telluric consciousness This is how the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London presented it the following year in the programme “Rapture”, together with Marina Abramovich, Ron Athey, Annie Sprinkle and Franko B.

The worshipper , the one who walks towards the desired image of the Prince of the Senses, a metaphysical androgyne who fuses in his essence the masculine and the feminine, the light and the shadows. In a ritual space surrounded by seven stone circles, he established communication with the audience “person to person”.

First a visual and then a physical communication, the approach, the embrace. The Worshipper , with his male and female attributes, walked on a path of lava towards a platform covered with rose petals on which his hermaphroditic essence danced.

His knowledge is innocent and intuitive, he knows by surrender through self-surrender. The Worshipper who carries the telluric body within himself exults, realised and innocent in all his light. A deep and comprehensive happiness will emanate from him. A deep and comprehensive happiness will emanate from him.