La boda

Year 1976
Category Short film 35mm, 12 minutes, black & white
Work La boda
Award Best short film. Festival Internacional de Cine. Calvià

The theater, which months before I had wanted to abandon in Paris, kept pulling me by the rope, it would not let me escape. Once these works were successfully represented in the main cities of Spain, I did not feel comfortable because I knew that the other side of the coin would be to stagnate in the itinerary and succumb, as so many other creators have done, to the complacent repetition of their works. No, I could not stay there, I preferred uncertainty and emptiness to accommodation.Perhaps, it was time to forget once and for all about theater and rescue that child who dreamed of Max Sennett and the slapsticks of the West Coast in the early twentieth century. Yes, now was the time

I decided to produce and direct a trilogy of silent film shorts.

The first of these, which I had previously scripted in Paris, was to be called THE WEDDING (1976), but I needed actors who could bring to life the bodily energies I had always craved. So it was that at the then existing Institut del Teatre on Elisabets Street I offered a workshop on the art of movement and corporal expression.

Of the students who showed up, I was particularly impressed by an actor and dancer, Toni Jodar. Of the other young people who participated, I chose others among whom some should make successful careers in show business, I am referring to Mingo Ràfols, Cesc Gelabert, Basque dancer Alvaro de la Peña and Jaume Sorribas, the latter coming from the company of “Els Joglars”.

The theme of this short film in black and white revolves around the engagement and subsequent liberation of a woman played by Lisette Babler who annihilates her husband, played by Cesc Gelabert, to the astonishment of the whole society.

I want to emphasize the interpretative quality of the actors in this short film that knew how to assimilate very fruitfully the synthesis of knowledge that I transmitted to them.

In this work as you will see there are other influences closer to the surrealist movement and the automatic writing and sequence of images such as “El perro andaluz” by Buñuel and Dalí. A mixture of silent films and surrealism. Subsequently two short films were made in which the same team of actors worked, but LA BODA would be the most representative.


Script and direction Albert Vidal
Production Diagonal Films, S.A / Antoni Irles i Niñana
Assistant director Maribel Melero
Camera operator Jordi Morraja
Photographs Jordi Morraja
Editing Jordi M.Artigas
Sound effects Production team
Sound estudio Voz España
Laboratory Foto Film Barcelona
Costumes La Cubanita
Hairdresser Juan Falques
Make up Elisa Aspachs
Atrezzo Artigau
Actors: Lisette Babler
  Sergi Boadella
  Xavier Capdet
  Domenec Ràfols
  Cesc Gelabert
  Just Martínez
  Jaume Sorribas
  Toni Jodar
  Alvaro de la Peña
  Jaume Comas
  Albert Purgimon

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