Antonio Machado

Year 2015
Category Concert
Work Homenatge a Antonio Machado
Presentation L’Arxer


Within the “Grand Tour” organized by the Coclea Foundation, this concert was presented in a very curious circumstance.

The public were reassembled at a meeting point in a little village at the foothills of the Pyrenees, 4 km away from the place where the event was to be held. The previous conditions were to arrive on foot via a rural path, leaving shoes and mobile phones behind before entering the space. Once everyone was inside, there was a concert dedicated to “El loco” and “A un olmo seco”, which are two famous poems by Antonio Machado.

A long research process of almost 2 years ended up with this style of “cante antiguo (old style song)”, denotes some resonance with Sufi music and the “quejíos ” and “melismas” (short melodies) of cante jondo (flamenco).

This song can be considered as a natural evolution of more than 20 years of dedication to telluric singing, but in its open voice mode.

Boughaleb Laarif’s lute and Jordi Rallo’s tumbak accompanied the ancient chant in this unusual experience.


Old song Albert Vidal

Lute Boughaleb Laarif

Tumbak Jordi Rallo

Production assistant Joan Simó

Presentation Noé Vidal

Costumes Oghi Ochir

Post production Oriol Vilaseca

Cameraman Juan Carlos Vázquez, Oriol Vilaseca