La locura del poder

Year 2013
Category Theater
Work La locura del poder
Premiere XIX edición de la Feria de Artes Escénicas de Donostia

The show deals with current issues within the socio-political reality in Europe and more specifically in Spain.

During the show, issues related to budget cuts, culture, sport, justice, curricula, health care, etc. will be discussed. Barabbas’ speeches will be accompanied by live music. His singing and dancing will corroborate the moments of madness with which he celebrates his unquestioned dominance.

After a brief pause, Albert Vidal will offer the audience a song accompanied by Xavier Macaya on the viola de rueda, entitled “Monólogo del tiempo” (Monologue of time).


Author, director and actor Albert Vidal
Dramaturgy Maryse Badiou
Collaborator in text writing Toni Coromina
Artistic consultants Oghi Ochir, Empar Roselló, María de Marías, Leonardo Alalú
Music Xavier Macaya, Pitu Andreu, Albert Vidal
Musicians Xavier Macaya, Pitu Andreu
Photographer Leopold Samsó
Costumes Dressart
Make up Gabriel Moreno
Lighting design Albert Vidal
Lighting technician Jordi Ribera
Technical director Denys Sanz
Production assistant Oghi Ochir


Old song , XVIIth century Emilio del Cavalieri

Monologue of time

Time, time flees

life is destroyed

come out of the pit now

scattered ashes and bones

emerge, souls still

take the bodies

So that everyone understands

open your eyes and understand

that this life is a wind

that flies in a moment

today it blows away

tomorrow it dies

today it looks like

tomorrow it disappears

So try, then, each one

while he has time

to work with the hand, to work with the heart

for honour is the fruit of good deeds