Sueños y alucinaciones de un enano enamorado

Year 2008
Category Dance
Work Sueños y alucinaciones de un enano enamorado
Presentation Festival La noche en blanco. Madrid

Accompanied by two musicians Jordi Rallo (tabla, Indian tarang and mongolian monastery drum) and Marcelo Antonio Febrés (burmese bells, javanese gongs and didjeridoo).

Dance masked by the dwarf with the accompaniment of the Mongolian drum.

The dwarf’s soul.

In this part we discover the dwarf’s face behind the mask and that it is the unmasked expression of his soul.

Telluric song of the dwarf’s dreams accompanied by tabla and didgeridoo.

Telluric song from the dwarf’s hallucinations. Accompanied by the same instrumentation.

Dance of the dwarf. Apotheosis and exuberance of the dwarf’s emotions and feelings.


Music direction Albert Vidal

Telluric chanting Albert Vidal

Khengereg ( tambor mongol)Jordi Rallo

Tablas Jordi Rallo

Didjeridoo and javanese gongs Marcelo Antonio Febrés

Burmese bells Marcelo Antonio Febrés

Live video image Rebecka Biró

Sound technician Xavier Amat

Production manager Lola Davó

Production assistant Lorena López

Production secretary Cia AV Oghi Ochir

Costume design Lilian Araksam