Deconstruccions de mi mateix

Year 2008
Category Laboratory
Work Deconstruccions de mi mateix
Presentation Vidrà

In this extensive presence in front of the camera, Albert takes a look at the emotions and feelings of the narrator of the traditional oral tale “Hitòria de JOan nascut d’un ós “, presented by his company at the Teatro de la Abadía in Madrid.

Here is attached Maria Escobedo’s explanation of her frequent interviews with Albert at his mountain shelter.

“… Ground currents, a topographical term that refers to the groundwater that circulates below the surface of the earth.

In the same way it happens in the actor’s body where the phreatic currents of energy feed its interior to emanate electromagnetic messages that inform about dimensions of reality that the telluric actor is communicating beyond gesture and word… …. “


Performance Albert Vidal
Music Albert Vidal
Cameraman María Escobedo
Post production Andrew Colquhoun
Production Livemedia