El Príncep (Cants, danses i discursos )

Year 2003
Category Theater
Work El Príncep /Cants, danses i discursos )
Presentation Festival Panorama Escena. Olot


Albert Vidal presents this new work of his extensive artistic work, as a crystallization of a creative arch that began in 1998, at the end of the L’HOME URBÀ tour, a world-acclaimed and authentic precursor of reality shows, such popular in the medium television.

Since then and after burying himself under three tons of land, he began a journey outside the codes established in the world of theater, including the avant-garde, to make a journey that at times could become a return and that it led him to feel with his own existential and artistic experience the roots of the sacred.

Thus we will see Albert Vidal practicing the Sahelian nomadism with the bororo tribes of the Niger, sometimes disguised so as not to be captured as a hostage by the Tuareg guerrillas of the desert.No less disguised was adapted by the same to transform into Mr.Goldy, erotic theater actor of the most ambiguous premises. It was not an impediment that months later we found him meditating in a cave near Rishikesh, in the Indian Himalayas, or frequenting the Tibetan monasteries of the Bon religion and making telluric chants about the magic essence of the world before hundreds of monks.

Angel and demon in the same body, Albert Vidal was simultaneously raging in the most sophisticated sadomasochistic groups in London, where on the other hand he was acclaimed as a great master of the European avant-garde by the London Institute of Contemporary Arts.

In this long period of 15 years of learning and transformation, we have seen Albert appears at festivals far from his hometown Barcelona and where he was presenting crystallizations of the process that would lead him to the genesis of the Prince.


Generated by the fusion between the serpent of the knowledge and the flower of the water lily, is born Kugu, “Cosmic Prince of the universe and the earth”. Master of masters that claims the original magic and beauty of the world.

The theater where the event is celebrated, is transformed into a room, where the followers of the International Telluric Movement congregate to listen to Kugu, their great guide.

There are several themes that will appear during the approximate hour and a half of the duration of the event, such as cinema, the condition of women, homes for the elderly, money, religions, advertising, consumption, etc …

Not only what he says, but also the way Kugu, the Prince expresses himself, participates in a revelation that, through scenic play, communicates with songs, mimics, dances and speeches a new vision of the world, full of hope in a new state of consciousness of all humanity and that the International Tellúric Moviment and Kugu, its supreme guide, they call: “The Way of the Prince.


Text, dramaturgy and direction Albert VIdal
Artist co-direction Toni Cots
Advice on dramaturgy Idesh Otgontuya, Xavier Jaumot
Lighting Paco Beltrán
Costumes Judit Rafel, Teresa Mo
Translators Antoni Pujols, Ricard Mirabete
Musical concept Albert Vidal
Music A.Vidal, X.Macaya, J.Rallo, Krishoo
Choreography Montse Colomer
Kugu, the President Albert Vidal
Musicians A.Vidal ctelluric chant, X.Macaya (violí and viola de roda), Jordi Rallo ( tabla and udu)
Graphic design Coromina & Bonbehi
Photographs Dogonefff
Technical director Paco Beltrán
Machinist and figurant Óscar López
Prosthesis Daniel Monzó
Production assistants Oghi Ochir, Cristina Vilaró