Telluric event

Year 1997
Category Telluric chanting concert
Work Telluric event
Premier Vidra village church

In 1997, back to the refuge of the Pyrenees, we carried out for the first time a unique experience in the process of evolution of the telluric singing.

The aim was, to transmit to the inhabitants of the village of Vidra, the telluric singing in its coral and as an open free song.

At 12 o’clock in the night of a summer day, I summoned all the people to the church giving precise instructions not to do any type of publicity. The event was held only for the residents of the village. At the end of the telluric chant to chapel, I called all the attendees to sing together following an energetic pattern that I was creating myself with the body.

Fortunately, that unforgettable night was documented by María de Marías, even with some interviews that she later made to the participants.