Monk of chaos and mistresses of death

Year 1995
Category Telluric chanting concert
Work Monk of chaos and mistresses of death
Presentation Festivalen “Barcelona-Katalonien i København” Berlin

A black diamond with which we came back to the surface and premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, in April 1994, was Monk of Chaos and Mistresses of Death.

This work would give way to a tour through the center of Europe traveling with the bones, how curious, of a bull. And I say how curious because sometimes there are things in life that you do not even know where they come from: a shepherd from the Vidra came to me in the Masia with a big sack full of the bull skeleton and said: “Albert, I have brought it to you, may be its’s useful for your work”.

In this work, we had already managed to unite the contents, something inherent to the enemies of the soul, if they do not know how to deal with love and supreme distance. Only thus the Serpent knew that he could access the abode of the Water Lily. Summing up: “Le Monde, le Diable et la Chair” was the impostation.

The subperformances were the sap that would give substance to “Monk of Chaos and Mistresses of Death”.


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