Exposició viva de 40 personatges

Year 1987
Category Performance
Work Exposició viva de 40 personatge
Presentation Gallery Metrònom. Barcelona

In an art gallery, the public will be confronted with a live exhibition of 40 citizens.

It is life with hopes and disappointments and above all it is the dedication to a job over the years that has been forging day by day the human landscape, sculpted by one or another profession or job.

Based on the conviction that all jobs or functions have their own dignity, provided they are done with love and conviction, this exhibition aims to show the public personal and differentiated world views precisely due to the exercise of a job.

It is therefore an objective sample of our society, in which the most representative functions are present.


Creation and direction: Albert Vidal
Collaborators: Toni Coromina, Cristina Vilaró, Anna Cussó, 40 caracters

1.Knife merchant-Miquel Bofill 21. Butcher-Teresa Albert
2. Estate officer-Joan Puigdollers 22. Shoemaker-Sr.Albert
3. Fotographer-Leopold Samsó 23. Artist-Francesca LLopis
4. Critic-Joan de Segarra 24. Lawyer-Toni Prat

5. Farmer-Melcior Geix

25. Blacksmith-Sr.Navarrete
6. Messenger-Sr.Guillermo 26. Esthetician-Maria Vilella
7. Cook-Montserrat Vidal 27. Pilot- Carles Manich
8. Hostal-Rafael Adell 28. Psychologist-Maria Poch
9. Actor-Josep Albert Purgimon 29. Woodcutter–Rosendo
10. Pastry cook-Joaquim Capdevila 30. Tailor-Joaquim Parra
11. Carpenter-Josep Vivet 31. Sacerdote-Josep Panicot
12. Girl-Bàrbara Velasco 32. Bookshopper- Jos
13. Arquitect-Llorenç Marqués 33. Singer-Gato Pérez
14. Receptionist-Fernando Robles 34. Public relations-Sr.Eduardo
15. Publicist-Santi Vilchez 35. Antiques wholesaler-Sr.Illa
16. Archeologist-Walter Cruells 36. Banc director-Enric Ballesteros
17. Businessman-Paco Carvajal 37. Athlete-Pere Casacuberta
18. Journalist-Santi Fondevila 38. Singer-songwriter-Bernardo Cortes
19. Cultural programmer-Ton Gironal 39. Operator–Sr.Antonio
20. Restorer-Teresa Fadini 40. Bricklayer-Sr.Colomer