Gogo no eiko

Year 1983
Category Street theatre
Work Gogo no eiko
Presentation Inogashira Park. Tokio, Japan

Gogo no eiko (The sailor who lost the grace of the sea) is a novel by Yukio Mishima that we staged with the help of local musicians in a Tokyo park on “Hinogashira Koen” on a Sunday morning, where avant-garde groups usually perform.

We were two actors and an actress.

  Mare i fill
gog no eiko 5

Madre and son

gogo no eiko 3

The isolation of the son from the flirtations of the sailor with his mother


The death of the cat

gogo no eiko 4

Preparing his revenge

gogo no eiko copia

Before the murder

gogo no eiko

Celebrating his action to his mother’s despair