Música orgànica I

Year 1981
Category concert
Work Música orgànica I
Premier Main square.Torelló

Concert “Música orgànica-I”. Main Square of Torell, at 5:00 a.m.

This was a very unique experience. Perhaps difficult to understand through the parameters of the poerforming arts. In, ORGANIC MUSIC-I, the 3 players created a sound space starting from a pure and unique sound. Thus the japanese butoh actress Iku Kawajiri releadsed in the middle of silence an Indian bell sound, following a free tempo and not obeying any rational metric. The same pattern would erve for the sculptor Enric Pladevall, who with a monosonic bamboo flute, completed the alternating percussion on 2 hollow trunks.

Each player released the sound following internal energetic currents and with total independence from the other two. Needless to say that the presence of a hypothetical audience would have distorted the sound production, as it would have had to accommodate to the external expectation.

All this perhaps explains why we decided to give this concert, at dawn and in the middle of the public square, having made sure that at that time no one was circulating in it.

One, for me, funny anecdote was to notice, while we were picking up the instruments, the presence of an agent of the urban guard who cautiously headed towards us after having remained hidden during the session. Arriving near us and, it must be said, with good manners, he asked me about the meaning of what we had been doing, since he would have to give an explanation if someone asked him. To this I replied that it was simply a live concert but whose condition was the absence of public.

Not at all convinced with my words and looking for ways to give a “correct” explanation, he replied: “Look, I do not understand what you do but I will say that you were doing an advertisement”.

With this agreement we were all satisfied, I in not being bothered and he in not having to bother anyone to justify something that would not be understood.


Concept and direction Albert Vidal
Development of the instruments Enric Pladevall
Trunks Albert Vidal
Monosonic flute Enric Pladevall
Indian bell Iku Kawajiri

Later we presented this performance in the hermitage of Santa Maria de Barbara.

Concert “Música orgànica-I”. Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Barbara.Sabadell

We emptied the hermitage of pews and put plastic grass on the floor; upon entering, the aromas of various plants could be smelled and tea was offered to the attendees. There was no context, only ambience, atmosphere.


Trunks Marina Oroza
Indian bell Xavier Collellmir
Monosonic flute Enric Pladevall
Tina Tate Busquets
Costumes Sergi Lozano
Costume making Ferran Albalat
Infusions and tea Carmela
Aroma setting Rosa Zaragoza
Music and coreography Albert Vidal
Coordinator Pep Alavedra
Photographer Leopold Samsó