La derniere repetition

Year 1981
Director Arie Ziedlarka
Production Television Suisse-Romande
Character Buster Keaton

I was very pleased for participating in the movie “LA DERNIERE REPETITION” directed by the polish composer, resident in Switzerland, Arie Ziedlarka, for the Swiss Television.

It is about the final test of a silent film actor about to move on to the sound film, when he realizes that in the future he will lose his job; it is a reinterpretation of the character of Buster Keaton.

Indeed, it is curious that quite often doing collaborations in which I had nothing to do with its creation, because i have been only actor and i approached to events, themes or characters that I love.

It is logical, to a certain extent, if we consider that many of the work proposals come from friends or people who know my work and ideas sufficiently; are not totally impersonal jobs, but closer to me.