Dansa per un moment de silenci

Year 1981
Category Dance performance
Work Dansa per un moment de silenci
Premier Sitges International Theatre Festival

DANSA PER UN MOMENT DE SILENCI is presented within the framework of the Sitges International Festival directed by Ricard Salvat who did not put any obstacle when I told him I wanted to make a presence on a methacrylate carpet with its own light and designed by the sculptor Enric Pladevall, in front of the cemetery gate at 05h in the morning at dawn.

On an illuminated methacrylate carpet, the figure is presented behind another plate, also transparent and methacrylate. The transparency through which the presence is contemplated symbolizes the veil of maya. The officiant slowly moves out of this transparency to assume the emptiness, the nothingness; the presence of death. The dance for a moment of silence ended with an immobility in which the officiant communicates with the assistants the energetic code of death.

By offering myself as an officiant in this change of substances, I invited the spectator to resonate in himself the absence of any filter. Thus reaching the magical and luminous quintessence of the human being.

The night dies, the day is born and the officiant dances this minute of silence that deeply celebrates death and life in androgynous fusion.


Officiant Albert Vidal
Scenography Enric Pladevall
Costume designer Sergi Lozano
Costume maker Ferran Albalat
Photographer Leopold Samsó