Lavora, lavora que domani e domenica

Year 1972
Category Visual theatre
Work Lavora, lavora que domani e domenica
Premiere Il Collettivo Teatrale La Comune. COMO, Italy


La Giornatta di un Esfotuto

Why don’t you go see Dario Fo? a friend told me, knowing that I had already finished my experience at the Piccolo Theater School.

At that time, to the south of Milan was Il Capannone, a place for rehearsals and the show creations for the Colectivo Teatrale La Comune de Dario Fo. At that time (1971) they were representing Morte Accidentale di un Anarchico

with a capacity of 600 seats, full every day It was the great cultural event in the city that managed to avoid censorship of its scathing language thanks to the ruse of functioning as a private club, since you had to enter with a membership card, even if there were 24,000. In other words, it was much more popular than the Piccolo Teatro itself with all its official paraphernalia.

The first thing Dario Fo told me, when I met him, was to show him what I knew to do. After showing him the two pieces that I have mentioned before, he was enthusiastic and he proposed me to integrate them into La Comune’s programming, although he suggested me change the title. That was how I presented myself to his audience with LAVORA, LAVORA CHE DOMANI E’DOMENICA (La Giornatta di un Esfotuto), a title that Fo himself proposed to me and for which he designed the poster himself (1972).